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Classic axe throwing has its origins in the deep forests of Canada and the Scandinavian North. In the 19th century, it served lumberjacks as a pastime during woodwork. In the last few years, axe throwing has become more and more urban and has developed into a social city sport.

In Basel, we have now established Switzerland‘s first Axt Bude, a place where friends of the competitive game meet in a rustic, urban environment full of atmosphere in order to throw a few axes and eventually decide on a winner. Fun, performance and the social factor are equally important. Small hatchets up to 40cm will be thrown on a wooden target from a distance of about 4m. The bulls eye in the middle of the target and various rings mark the points to be obtained.
At Axt Bude we cater for your needs, be they group events or team building events. For ambitious throwers, we might soon establish a league in which you can compete against other players over a period of several weeks.


Our axe coaches ensure your safety, whereby each group has its own axe coach. He or she will brief you on safety, teach the necessary technique, umpire a game and give useful advice along the way. Axe throwing is for everyone since neither strength nor height are decisive factors. It’s more about skills and coordination. With a little practice, the technique can be mastered and the first axe will find its target. Feeling of success guaranteed!

For more information, please refer to our FAQs.

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